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The Altneu - Hachnosas Sefer Torah
The Altneu - Shachris
The Altneu - Purim 2022
The Altneu - Hachnosas Sefer Torah
The Altneu - Purim 2022

What's the culture like?

Shabbos at the Altneu is exciting, warm, and engaging. We welcome Jews of all backgrounds, all ages — on a typical Shabbos, one can find yeshiva students sitting alongside community members who have never gone to shul before; in our ‘pews’ sit entrepreneurs and professors, artists and doctors, actors and tech leaders, scientists and lawyers, filmmakers and foreign diplomats.

Walking around our kiddush room, you might hear a mix of English, Russian, French, Hebrew, and German, and more — we love that New York City brings Jews of all cultures to one place. Here, we dream of building a space where high-level study, inspiration and community meet.

In a city which can sometimes feel cold and anonymous, we are committed to building a joyous and warm space, one that speaks to the mind, heart, and soul.

Join us on weekdays

We have a daily morning minyan Sunday-Friday at The Altneu House in midtown. Monday-Friday at 7:45am, Sundays at 8:30am. Complimentary coffee and breakfast every day! Please reach out to to join the minyan WhatsApp for announcements and time changes. Open to all.

Join us on Shabbat

We meet on Shabbat Friday evenings and Saturday mornings at unique venues on the Upper East Side. Fill out digital connect form on the bottom of any page on this site to get on the list and receive information.

The Altneu - Shachris

Join us on Friday nights

Neu Dinners

An exclusive series of intimate, curated Shabbat dinners for young professionals on the Upper East Side. By invitation only. Email for more information.

Community Dinners

An opportunity to come together for a delicious Shabbat dinner with intelligent conversation, inspiring and stimulating speakers, excellent company and of course, children’s programing. Open to all.

Experience our hospitality

We believe community is all about hachnasat orchim, hospitality, or welcoming guests. Since Abraham sat in the heat waiting for guests to arrive so he could personally serve them, our ancestors understood the power of welcoming someone else into their home. A cornerstone of Judaism, hachnasat orchim is best experienced on Shabbat.

Members of the Altneu receive a discount at the local Loews Regency hotel for visiting family and friends, and are invited to other members’ homes by a rotating hospitality committee.

For more information, contact

I'm looking for an officiating rabbi for a lifecycle event.

A central part of community life is celebrating the joys and mourning the losses together. Please be in touch directly with Rabbi Goldschmidt at to discuss. Please note that due to high demand, membership is required for all officiations and events.

Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt and Rabbi Benjamin Goldschmidt