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High Holidays 5784


Rosh Hashana, Sept 15-17 2023
Yom Kippur, Sept 24-25 2023

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עשה למענך והושיענו!

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Chana and the Art of the Ask

The High Holidays: A Time of Fear or a Time of Joy?

(photo credit: YARON)

Cantor Israel Nachman

Cantor Nachman who first joined us on Shabbat Mevorchim Tammuz is a gifted and world-renowned chazzan and ba’al tefilah. His craft of Jewish liturgical music has been described as emotionally moving, spiritually uplifting and artistically dynamic, bridging both old and new styles.

Growing up in the city of Safed in Israel, Cantor Nachman was inspired by his grandfather, also a cantor, to pursue his passion for poetry and music.  After graduating from Eli Yaffe’s Petach Tikva Singing Institute and Mordechai Sobol, he continued to study with the top cantors in the world, continuing his studies of music and voice development for more than ten years. He has served as senior cantor for six years at the International Synagogue in Tel Aviv, and performed in more than seventeen countries, from the French Riviera and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam to Mexico; singing in Hebrew, French, Yiddish and Italian.

Cantor Israel lives in the holy city of Safed, Israel, with his wife Naomi Turgeman and their three children.

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Ever since The Pierre opened in 1930, it has been revered as a quintessential monument to New York City grandeur.

Allow us to take you inside.

From the Emmys to the Oscars and now, the Altneu’s High Holiday services, we invite you into the Pierre’s Grand Ballroom.

The Wedgewood

The Pre-Function Room

Your seat awaits.

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