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The Altneu - Shachris
The Altneu - Shachris
The Altneu - Shachris
The Altneu - Shachris

Join us on weekdays

We have a daily morning minyan Sunday-Friday at The Altneu House in midtown. Monday-Friday at 7:45am, Sundays at 8:30am. Complimentary coffee and breakfast every day! Please reach out to to join the minyan WhatsApp for announcements and time changes. Open to all.

Join us on Shabbat

We meet on Shabbat Friday evenings and Saturday mornings at unique venues on the Upper East Side. Sign-up on the bottom of any page on this site to get on the list and receive information.

The Altneu - Shachris
The Altneu - Purim 2022

How long is your Shabbat morning service?

We daven from 9:30-11:30a, with lively and inspirational communal singing, Torah reading, and community members sharing Torah ideas. During mussaf, Rabbi Goldschmidt shares his weekly message. A kiddush luncheon is served afterwards, at 11:40a. This is then followed by mincha (afternoon prayer). In the winter months, we have a Torah class for women during mincha, and all other times of year there is a Torah class for all after mincha.

What about my kids?

We believe shul should be a family experience. Parents are welcome to bring their children into the services (and no, your baby won’t be shushed if she starts cooing). Simultaneously, we offer a drop-off babysitting program for children ages 2 and up, where the children are taught basic prayers, songs, and the weekly parsha; play games with prizes and snacks; and create Shabbat-friendly ‘food crafts’. It’s essential that parents have the chance to invest time into their own spiritual connection!